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Community, Conservation and Camping
The Mud Cottages


In order to be organically viable with the environment around us, we have made a lot of effort in keeping the property carbon footprint neutral. In construction, mud has been used as a primary element besides river stones, cob, wood and thatch; hence our cottages are insulated, i.e, naturally cool in summers and warm in winters. The aesthetically pleasing cloth hangers are designed from waste wood, painstakingly gathered and assembled by our team. The mud house have been placed at a good distance from each other to accommodate wild forest growth around them, and offer privacy and solitude.


We are a boutique property nestled in a dense forest, hence we co-exist in harmony with our wild buddies. The likes of bees and bugs, moths and insects here, are aplenty. Should they bother our human guests, mosquito repellants are kept at the entrance of each cottage for the convenience. The rooms are thoroughly cleaned with a natural disinfectant, i.e, bio-enzyme prepared in-house. Yet few persistent ones at times get in to enjoy your company.  If they still bother you, they can be escorted out. We request you to inform our helpful team, and urge you to not kill them.

(This is more prevalent during pre-monsoon and during monsoon)



Stone Cottage
Our stone cottage gives you a view of Kyari's pristine little river ' khichari ' that swells up during the monsoons. Sipping a beverage on the porch and enjoying bird watching is highly recommended.

Corbett Nature Retreat ( Safari Tents)


With our guests constantly requesting for safari tents, we have come up with our new property, Corbett Nature Retreat. These are socially distanced Jungle Safari Tents which have an attached WC and bath facility, AC, study, coffee corner, making them a self sufficient unit. These units are a birder's paradise by the river side.

They are at a mere 400mtrs walking distance from Camp Hornbill.