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Community, Conservation and Camping
Camp Hornbill
Camp Hornbill is a community-led enterprise, set up in 2010 by residents of the village Kyari. It lies within the Pawalgarh Conservation Reserve (PCR). The PCR is part of the larger Corbett Tiger Reserve in Uttarakhand, India. The camp is solely owned and managed by members and the youth of the local community. It was established with a vision to promote and encourage eco-tourism in the village of Kyari.

 Camp Hornbill actively promotes nature conservation and rural development in the Corbett Tiger Reserve in collaboration with the forest department, local communities and members of the civil society. Camp Hornbill is a community of like-minded individuals with many years of experience in the sectors of conservation, eco-tourism, and business development. At Camp Hornbill, our aim is to seed an alternative form of nature travel that is responsible and contributes to nature conservation and community development


Call of the jungle

Nature trails and Field craft
We at Camp Hornbill are situated in the Corbett landscape, within Pawalgarh Conservatiion Reserve. Hence, unlike Corbett Tiger reserve we are allowed to go on Nature walks and explore the abundance of the fauna and the flora in the area. With these nature walks, we connect with the elements of nature that can never be explored sitting in a jeep. 

The best part of these nature walks are our experienced nature guides, who are born and brought up in this wilderness. The stories of their childhood, will send shivers up your spine. And believe us, we have some amazing stories and story tellers!

Birding Trails
The Western Himalayan region of Uttarakhand has one of the richest and diverse bird habitats in Asia. Of the 1,248 species of birds found across India, over 621 have been spotted in Uttarakhand, largely due to the altitude that varies from 400m to over 7800m in the Himalayas, leading to rich and varied forest types over a relatively small region. 

 The khichidi river , Dabka river and the Ausani river habitats attracts Pallas's Lesser and Grey-headed Fish Eagle, Crested kingfisher, Brown Fish Owl, Mountain Hawk Eagle, Rufous Woodpecker, Great slaty woodpecker, wall creeper, grey Hornbill, Oriental Pied Hornbill and the Great Indian hornbill. . Brown Dipper, Wall creeper, and several species of Forktail (the Spotted and Little Forktail being the most common), Plumbeous and White-capped Water Redstarts, and several wagtail species.

Village walks
We are one of the very few properties, who go out of the way, to provide you an authentic village experience. We have tie ups with our villagers and provide, village hospitality by sharing a meal with our guests. This has a double benefit. The guests get to interact with a local family, their home away from home. They loose their inhibitions, and the villagers loose their natural shyness.

 The guests, get to experience, first hand the daily challenges of the common villagers. By this way, we are able to share with the villagers a means of livelihood also. They share their space, and learn about the world outside. And we assure you of a level of innocence, you shall never find outside a village !

Conservation course
This unique certificate course on conservation science and field biology, is an on site field course conducted at our base station in 'Camp Hornbill' in the vicinity of the Corbett Tiger Reserve. The Course is aimed at multiple segments of people- from students of Environmental Sciences to Wildlife Enthusiasts. 

 The course is a mix of classroom and field sessions to learn the principles of conservation, ecological census techniques and explore conservation issues from an interdisciplinary perspective. Students watch conservation films, collect field data and present it. They interview local residents and work in teams to attempt and find solutions to prevailing conservation issues.

Little Forester Programme
Learning can be fun, especially when you do it while observing, experiencing and self exploring. The environment and its inhabitants make it an unforgettable journey for all those who participate. 

 In the last 15 years, we have conducted the most enlightening and educational experiences for schools, colleges, universities and other extensive groups. We have different options available that are designed to educate, reflect, and even thrill.

Ride in the jungle
One of the best experiences you can have in the land of roaring tigers, is ridging in the jungle with our expert Jungles guides, whose first priority is your safety. They are aware where to take you and when to take you there. This comes from their vast jungle experience. 

 This will be best the opportunity to explore nature near the village. This will let the explorer in you, feel nature at its best.

Camp Experience

We have created a number of open sit-outs, made by re-purposing the wood of old fallen trees. These are great spots to sit down for your evening tea or to just watch the many birds at the camp. There are also some carefully placed Bonfire pits within the Camp foliage. Here you can enjoy a cold evening with your family and friends.

'Dhaba' is a long mud table covered with thatch where all meals are served. Most ingredients in the wholesome food cooked at Camp Hornbill are sourced from home grown vegetable gardens and farms. Next to the dhaba is the Piyau, a permanent wooden table with thatch roof where drinking water and glasses are kept.

Rustic Mud Houses
Our Mud-Houses blend in with the village settings perfectly. They were hand crafted and worked on by our very own team. They are very spacious and come with an attached bathroom. The mud huts have a cozy 'verandah' outside where you can enjoy your tea and coffee. It is also the perfect place to relax, read, write and watch birds