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Community, Conservation and Camping
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We are based in Village Kyari in the Pawalgarh Conservation Reserve under the Corbett Tiger Reserve. The Khichri river flows by Camp Hornbill, which is a source of immense serenity and birds are ever present 


Our Goal is to hand hold the youth of village kyari , so that they are connected to the roots and find a organic mean of livelyhood during this fast changing times

Our Team

Chandra shekhar
Rajendra sati
Rajendra Sati
Naveen Upadhyay

Shekhar Upadhyay, is a rewilder, an eco-architect, soil nurturer, protector of native trees species, seeds collector and an upcyler. A percussionist at heart, is a strong advocate of sustainable and responsible tourism and was the first person to do a certification from NIM (Nehru Institute of Mountaineering) in his village which inspired the youth who then followed suit. An aquaponics enthusiast, he is an ace adventure sportsman from bouldering and parasailing to biathlons (combining steep uphill cycling and trekking with cycles on shoulders).


Rajendra Sati, is the backbone of all things on the ground from supplies to property management. A certified nature guide, he is a storehouse of knowledge on wildlife spotting, conservation and social issues plaguing the Kumaon region. Calm and composed like silent deep waters, a Safari drive with him through the dense forests of Corbett is a life altering experience.


Naveen Upadhyay is an exceptional naturalist and an even better birder (certified). A walk with him in the forest is an unforgettable experience. Born and brought up in Kyari village surrounded by the forest, he is instrumental in leading conservation and community development activities in the village. He is pursuing LEAD fellowship besides having basic, advance and MOI certifications from NIM to his credit. He has also been an active participant in workshops like grassland & climate change, management of invasive weeds in protected areas, eco tourism by WII, wildlife health management and conservation, rafting etc.