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Community, Conservation and Camping

Camp Hornbill is a community-led enterprise, set up in 2010 by residents of the village Kyari. It lies within the Pawalgarh Conservation Reserve (PCR). The PCR is part of the larger Corbett Tiger Reserve in Uttarakhand, India. The camp is solely owned and managed by members and the youth of the local community. It was established with a vision to promote and encourage eco-tourism in the village of Kyari.

Camp Hornbill actively promotes nature conservation and rural development in the Corbett Tiger Reserve in collaboration with the forest department, local communities and members of the civil society. Camp Hornbill is a community of like-minded individuals with many years of experience in the sectors of conservation, eco-tourism, and business development. At Camp Hornbill, our aim is to seed an alternative form of nature travel that is responsible and contributes to nature conservation and community development